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Today marks the end of a wonder journey of 4 yrs with my current organization.. I have no words to explain how I am feeling g right now.. 
As I travel to my office e today,  I cannot help but wonder how many days, How many memories are associated with my office here.. It is sad how you give so much to an organisation and you have to leave everything at the end to tale upon new challenges in your life..  Being my first job, I’ve had a lot of experiences and loads for challenges…
As I type this post, my eyes are welled up thinking about how I will not be coming to office tomorrow..  Same was the case when I was drafting the last working day mail.. That is one difficult job I would say… I could not gather words to describe how I felt.. Couldn’t gather the courage to meet up all my friends in the office.. Who have been with me through thick and thin.. Have seen me grow on this organisation..  know what this place means to me.. Saying that I will not say that I am.not excited for the new opportunities…  Mind you I am.. Very excited..  But it is not at all easy to move on… Goodbyes are hard they say… I say they’re devastating… Knowing that you will not get to meet people you’ve been seeing for the last four years.. Settling into a new place.. Taking up new responsibilities is scary..  A lot!!!
I am.glad that I got to know so many people here..made so.many memories.. All I can say is I’m going to miss this all..

In another context,  it’s my mom’s birthday today.. May you have a very long life.. Be happy as always.. Love you aai..

That’s all for today I guess!!! 

Birthdays… 🎂

January brings in loads of birthdays for me… Being my birthday month, I enjoy January the most.. This year my birthday turned out to be the most exciting birthday ever… :):):):):)
We were on a holiday..  To goa.. Yes you heard it right folks!!!!  I was in goa for my birthday this year…  And It was very well planned by J…  Love you honey for this trip😘..  Thank you so much!! Twas a much needed break…  After all the tiring shifting and settling into the new place.. I really needed a vacation…
It was a crazy vacation of 4 days.. Travelling..  Chatting..  Eating..  Dancing..  Drinking and what not…  Extremely thrilled to see such cooperative people we came across during our stay there. 
The lovely beaches🌊,  the humongous sea, unlimited fun, flea market,  beach shacks, booze 🍺🍸🍹, nightclubs🎶💃, casino🎰, sea food🍗🍤, cashewnuts,  roaming around in the night🚴🚵…  Summarizes it all..  I simply loved the beach shacks…  It is like you are surrounded by a lot of people and at the same time you get your own privacy as well… We spent quality time together during this trip..  It was all what I had wanted my birthday to be🎂..!! Lucky to have a husband like J… No words can tell how grateful I  to be married to such a man.. Loads of love J 😍😘.. God bless you.. 😀

Being thankful….!!

– To the dearest darling husband… For being so patient with me..  And being there for me whenever I need… To be so tolerant whenever I throw a temper tantrum…  To make me feel so loved… I love you honey…  😘💜

– To the builder..  For finally letting us move into our own place 😜

– To the in laws..  fire adapting to changes and helping in doibg the shift so easy. 🙂

– To the proud mom n dad… Thanks a ton for staying with me for so long. For helping me setting up my new place as I wanted…  :):):)

– To the bestest sister for being so understanding…  Not to get upset when I kept shouting at you, when you were not at fault.. I love you girl…👭

– To JB, darling.. What have I done to get Av friend like you… You are a big blessing to me.  No matter whatever is going on at your end, you are always there to listen to my complaints…  Thanks a ton sweetheart…  :mrgreen:


So the darling BFF  JB started writing a blog..!! And she doesn’t know i have one..!!

I hate to keep secrets from her.. But as this was kind of my personal diary, i had not wanted anyone to scoop around and read what i am writing.. good or bad..!! I do not want to be judged on what i am writing..

Hence no one knows that  i blog.!! Although very very rarely.. but i do..!!!

So, JB pings me on whatsapp the other day and says, “Hey KR, my first blog ever..!! HTTP://**********”.

She’s writing since a long time.. just not on a blog.. Writing is what she loves… It’s her getaway from all the troubles that she has.. and i had always wanted her to continue writing.. I want to see her write a book someday..!! She’s really very good at expressing things.!! So, i was really glad that she’s started with blogging..!!

And now she keeps me updated with when she’s putting up a blog post..! 🙂 Little does she know that i visit her blog everyday to check whether a new post is there and end up reading the previous ones all over again..!! :p

JB’s always been a blessing for me..!! No matter what the tym is.. how much the distance is.. and however busy she is.. she’ll always find time for me whenever i need..!!

Love you JB.. God Bless You..!! All the best for your Blog…!!!


On the 100 Happy days Challenge….!!!!

everyone seems to be doing the 100 happy days challenge these days.. Even the BFF J had started the 100 Happy days challenge.

I was happy to see her posts for this challenge.. I too had this urge of taking up the 100 Happy Days Challenge; which had to mean that i have to write up one post everyday on this blog, and Considering the type of workload and the depressing environment around me, i know writing up a post everyday is not possible for me.

Another question that arises in front of me is that what do i write each day for being happy.!!! I mean i aam not that happy everyday to write up a post on it..!! And like the BFF does, i do not even have one happy point that i can jot down everyday.!!!!

So here i am … trying to think of one happy thing or moment that i had today..!! And i am BLANK..!!! Literally BLANK..!!! I do not have anything more to say…!!! 🙂 🙂